Best Practices, Processes & Procedures
We can find Standards, Best Practices and Procedures that do not increase bureaucracy, but reduce the likelihood of errors and increase the throughput.
My goal is to help your developers embrace standards through enlightenment and understanding, rather than due to force and doctrine.
Making use of powerful approaches and features
Structured programming, Server oriented programming (SOA), Persistent Procedures and Super Procedures, OpenEdge Reference Architecture (OERA), AppServer.
These ideas and approaches can save you much money, time and head-ache. My goal is to show you how to employ them effectively and efficiently.
Standards Mentoring Architecture Testing
On the Job Training and 1-on-1 Coaching
Customized on the job training teaches what is really relevant and applicable, while being productive. Individual mentoring turns knowledge into wisdom into skill.
My goal is to enable your developers to hit the ground running, to keep running to their fullest potential, and to avoid pitfalls and detours.
Avoiding Casualties
Simple and easy methods for the developer to test individual components, and for the QA engineer to check for regression issues.
It is the difference between a prototype and industrial strength software.
My goal is to show your developers how testing can be fun, easy, and interesting.

Specialty: Opening the Progress application to the Mac world using WebSpeed, making it easy applying SMAT principles!
I've worked with the following organizations and companies:
Progress Software Corp.
Verizon Wireless
Bell South
Bank Boston
GMAC Mortgage
ASA Tires
Keystone Systems
Shaker Software
Department of Conservation Maine
Berlin Industries
HEICO Aerospace
Kids Headquarters New York
and more...
Ted's Sunshine Enterprises
Tobago House of Assembly
Fuertbauer Consulting
Steininger Personal Leasing
Leibetseder Engineering
Franz Ruebig & Soehne
Chemie Linz AG
and more...